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Microfilm Scanning

Microfilm scanning

Advanced Imaging Solutions, Inc.- The Microfilm Depot- has various microfilm scanners to convert 16mm and 35mm microfilm rolls to digital images.

We have capabilities to scan at 200dpi and 300dpi (or in special cases higher) in bi-tonal or grayscale, and can convert positive, negative, simplex, duplex, and 16mm continuous form (COM) reels.

Although many organizations use microfilm as their primary archive source (which is fine), a digital microfilm conversion is enable users to work with the documents more efficiently and cost-effectively.

In addition to converting roll film to images, we perform extensive quality control checks to ensure your digital product is the best it could be.

We can work with you to get a better idea what your needs are: do you just want the microfilm digitized with no indexing? Are you complying with a government mandate to get your microfilm archive digitized? Or do you have an existing system? What type of quality are you expecting? All of these questions are asked up front- no bait and switch.

The Different Aspects Of Microfilm Scanning Services

By: christopher

The different aspects of Microfilm Scanning services are detailed in this article. The services include microfiche scanning, aperture cards scanning, digital microfilm, scanning conversion services and microfilm conversions. The main purpose of a scanning service is to take paper documents, film and slides and convert them into an electronic format. Stored in this format document from a million documents can be found in a few seconds.

The scanning of documents is done via scanning software and the fastest document scanners and other related equipment. Physical documents are indexed and stored ready for almost instant retrieval from a document storage system. It is important that the scanned documents are indexed and the search criteria base on this is customizable. Examples would be invoice number, or the name of a client. This is often defined by the needs of the customers using the scanning service.

Many different types of document can be scanned, from a large technical drawing to the smallest of receipts. The only thing that is required is that the documents are correctly prepared to go through the scanning process. Paper fasteners, staples etc. All have to be removed in preparation for the scan. Corrective measures may need to be taken if the documents are torn, creased or damaged in some other way. This can often be done by the Microfilm Scanning service provider.

It is possible that a client will not want the documents to leave their premises. In this case if the client has a suitable room, the equipment and staff can be brought on-site and the process accomplished there.

The diversity of the documents and there general quality means that many quotes are done on a per project basis and this often leads to a more competitive quote for the client. The prices are sometimes per page and sometimes one overall package price.

Security and confidentiality are built into the scanning services. Microfilming requires that both are guaranteed. Often it will be possible to have the documents and other media, collected securely and returned with the disks when the project is complete.

Microfilm and Microfiche scanning takes these types of media and scans them to DVD or CD. They are converted into digital formats such as PDF and TIFF. They are then indexed for quick retrieval by a specially chosen keyword. They can also be stored on a computer's hard drive or as part of a network on a networked server. The microfilm rolls come in two main types 16mm rolls for A4 sized documents and the 35 mm rolls for plans and large drawings. The microfiche slides also come in two main types COMBI and COM both are readily scanned with the fastest imaging equipment.

The Aperture Card Scanning services are also part of the remit of scanning services and these 35 mm punch card transparencies which typically store engineer's drawings can also be converted to digital format with all the benefits that offers.

It may be obvious that documents i. E. Hardcopy needs to be stored digitally but it also may well now be advisable for companies, who over the years have committed significant recourses to microfilm and microfiche readers and the staffing of those departments to consider digitizing. The time spent retrieving from the slides and film means that once the move is made to digitally scanned conversions of these media types, the time saved soon pays for the initial cost of converting them and the moth balling of redundant readers over a phased in period. A large archive can be converted to a text searchable, indexed digital library and retrieval; any portion of it can appear in seconds.

So whether you want microfiche scanning, aperture cards scanning, digital microfilm, scanning conversion services or microfilm conversions of any kind the different aspects of microfilm scanning services can always deliver the solution.

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The services include microfiche scanning, aperture cards scanning, digital microfilm, scanning conversion services and microfilm conversions. The main purpose of a scanning service is to take paper documents, microfiche, aperture cards , microfilm, film and slides and convert them into an electronic format. Stored in this format millions of documents can be found in a few seconds.

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Document Imaging Makes Good Business Sense when using Microfiche Scanning and Document Scanning Services

Author: christopher

For any business that is concerned with the storage and retrieval of informant, and this would include almost any conceivable business, there may be a disconnect between the resources and the office. Handling paperwork is notoriously difficult for many firms, and has the reputation of being drudge work. However, there is help available through a document imaging concern.

Document Imaging is also a good opportunity for a concern to go paperless. This has become a bigger concern over time, and scanning services make this possible. A good example would be medical records scanning. This would allow a tremendous amount of paperwork to be done without the actual paper resource.

Anther field that relies on a tremendous amount of printed resources would be research. Some researchers wind up surrounded by printed material, to the point of almost being overwhelmed by it. As any such worker knows, retrieving written work that is amongst a pile of other written work can be exceedingly frustrating. The ability to utilize newspaper digitization and microfilm scanning, using two examples, can ease the process.

Storage of printed material proves to be a problem, too. Having the space for storage is one issue, as is the reality of how quickly such space can be used up. Any employee with an overflowing in box and stuffed file folders can attest to this. Records management can help here as well, by also providing off-site storage for any concern.

These services are available, and a quick online search should provide the information necessary in order to locate one nearby. As business is increasingly concerned with electronic resources, the ability to digitize, store, and retrieve information may be the difference between failure and success.

Document Imaging is a solution for the modern age, and as the speed of information increases, the demand to keep up increases. Get qualified and professional help with these issues in order to stay abreast of the competition. Success will usually go to the ones who remain best prepared, and accessing information in a timely fashion is part of that preparation

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/management-articles/

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